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Assisted Reproductive Technology

IVF CYCLE: Does not include the cost of medications


IVF with ICSI premium: Does not include the cost of medications


IVF Cycle & ICSI using Surgical Sperm (TESE/PESA)

* Does not include cost of TESE/PESA procedure or freezing


Cancelled IVF cycle
(before reaching egg retrieval)


Frozen Embryo Transfer


Oocyte Preservation Cycle

* Includes 1 year of storage


Oocyte Thaw ICSI Cycle

* Includes cryopreservation and 1 year of storage


                              FERTILITY ULTRASOUND MONITORING


Ultrasound Cycle Monitoring


Satellite Monitoring

Administration and Registration



Pelvic Ultrasound


Estradiol Test



Donor Services

Egg Donor Orientation Fee


Egg Donor Cycle


Egg Donor Cycle & ICSI


Surrogacy Orientation Fee


Surrogacy Cycle


Surrogacy Cycle & ICSI


Frozen Embryo Transfer - Surrogate


Donor Sperm Orientation Fee


Donor Sperm Samples

* Patients are responsible for ordering donor sperm directly from bank

see Sperm Bank's website

Donor Sperm Handling Fee


Donor Sperm Storage Fee per year

* Plus GST

** Not pro-rated for partial year



Embryo Cryopreservation and Storage for 1st Year


Embryo storage per year



Sperm Wash for Insemination (IUI)


Sperm Functional Assessment


Sperm Screen


Sperm Screen with Antibodies


Sperm Freezing and Storage for 1st Year


Sperm Storage per year

* Plus GST


TESE / PESA - includes Lab/Physician Fee


TESE / PESA Processing & Cryopreservation for 1 yr.



NIPT-non-invasive prenatal testing



Initial Consultation - Out of Country / Phone


*** All prices are in Canadian Funds, and are subject to change without notice.

*** Cycle fees do not include the cost of medications

*** For patients residing outside of Canada, an additional $1000 will apply to cycle fee


Fee Guide