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Premier Plan

For many people the costs of Fertility treatments can be prohibitive. Furthermore, it is a sad situation that Canada is one of very few "Western" countries that does not fund IVF. It is however reassuring to hear that Ontario is now funding IVF and that Manitoba has agreed to a tax credit for women requiring IVF.
When it comes to choosing IVF to assist you get pregnant, most of our patients find that the costs and the non guaranteed outcome cause considerable distress. Statistics may guide a person when it comes to expectation; however the truth is that for many it takes more than one cycle to achieve a successful outcome. Indeed – in Europe ( where IVF was developed), clinics are now  rather encouraging patients to recognize that this is the case, and to accept that more than one cycle may be necessary. Along with this European philosophy is one of gentler stimulations and transferring fewer embryos in an effort to reduce risks of multiple pregnancies. However – there is a big difference in Europe –in that IVF is fully funded by most countries there.
In an attempt to reduce stress, we at VFC have altered our fee schedule to try and take the financial and emotional pressure off a "one cycle" win or lose philosophy.
We encourage our patients to consider more than one cycle if the first is unsuccessful, but to make it affordable. This is explained below.
Treatment # 1
In Vitro Fertilization ( and ICSI if required)
Treatment # 2
Second IVF cycle
Treatment # 3
Third IVF cycle
Embryo Freezing – Vitrification
Embryo Storage per year
Patients who choose to take part in this Premier Fee Option will pay $7000.00 for their first IVF cycle.There is no extra cost if ICSI is required. We prefer the decision to do IVF or ICSI to be a medical rather than financial one. If this first cycle is unsuccessful, the following two fresh cycles will cost just $5,000.00 each. These fees do NOT include the drug costs.
In order to benefit from this plan, if you are not pregnant after the first cycle – or if you have a miscarriage, the following two fresh cycles must take place within 12 months of the first cycle Oocyte Pick-Up (OPU). There are no exceptions to this.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What happens if my first cycle is successful?
    If your first cycle is successful and you do not miscarry then this terminates this contract. In order for the second and third cycle to be $5,000.00 each. If you are successfully pregnant then you will not need to use these follow-up cycles.
    **Price is subject to change. You must pay current premier plan pricing at the time you are having your retrieval.**

  2. What happens if I have a miscarriage?
    Most miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks. If you have a miscarriage before 12 weeks, you can proceed with another 1 or 2 cycles as explained. As long as these occur within 12 months of the first egg retrieval.

  3. How much do I pay and when?
    The first cycle cost of $7,000.00 is due at orientation. If this cycle is unsuccessful, $5,000.00 is due at the second cycles orientation, and the same applies for the third cycle.

  4. Do I have to pay for cycle 2 and 3 if cycle 1 is successful?
    No. You pay as you go. If cycle 1 is successful then you do not owe for the following cycles as you will not be using them.

  5. Does this include Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)?
    Yes. If ICSI is required, the cost is included.

  6. What happens if a cycle is cancelled?
    If your first cycle is cancelled before the Oocyte Pick-up then your next cycle will count as your first cycle. The $2,000.00 deposit you paid is non-refundable and not transferrable. However, you will be refunded the $5,000.00 balance. The deposit will then be used for the next cycle. ie with the next cycle you would not pay another deposit - just the balance. If you choose not to proceed any further - the deposit is not refundable.

  7. What happens if my IVF cycle is cancelled and I am converted to an IUI?
    If your IVF cycle is cancelled before the Oocyte Pick-up and you are converted to an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) you will be refunded the IVF balance of $5000.00 and the cost of the IUI will be waived. ( i.e. if you do the IUI - the deposit will be used as payment for the monitoring, blood tests and the IUI).

  8. Does this apply to couples using an egg donor, surrogate or both?
    No. There is a significant increase in the amount of work required for these cycles. Please see the fee schedule for these fees. This Premier option is not applicable to patients using an egg donor or surrogate.

  9. Does this apply to couples using PESA/TESA Sperm?
    No. There is a significant increase in work when dealing with PESA/TESA Sperm. Please see the fee schedules for these fee's

  10. Does this apply to same sex female couples (if one woman is the egg provider and the other the surrogate)?

  11. Explain how the $700.00 fee for freezing works?
    If you have embryos to freeze you will pay a $950.00 fee. This fee includes the process of freezing the embryos ($700.00) and the first year of storage ($250.00).

  12. Is the FET included in the fee's
    The 1st transfer (Fresh or Frozen) is included in the intial fee's. All subquent transfers are $1300.00. If the embryos do not survive the thawing process (called “warming”) you will receive a $500.00 refund on the $1300.00 you paid. Medication is not included.

  13. How much is annual storage for frozen embryos?
    $250.00 per year.

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