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Welcome to the website of the Victoria Fertility Centre

The Victoria Fertility Centre (VFC) is a small, progressive fertility clinic with world class facilities and expertise. We guarantee personal and individualized care in a professional, competent and sensitive manner. As there are only two fertility specialists at VFC, Dr. Stephen Hudson and Dr. James Graham, we will personally supervise all aspects of every single patient's management. A VFC staff member is accessible 24 hours a day, so he/she can be reached at any time for supportive care.

VFC has a holistic philosophy, recognizing that the fertility journey can be both stressful and highly emotional. We pay attention to all aspects of health providing a comfortable environment for delivering the best possible management to achieve pregnancy. While we will do everything possible to achieve this shared objective, we also have a strong sense of responsibility in keeping the risks of complications and multiple pregnancy to a minimum. We urge you to read the information about most aspects of fertility care - which can be found in the section marked "Information sheets"

We provide a wide range of fertility services including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), surgical retrieval of testicular sperm, intrauterine inseminations, ovulation induction and surgery. The many other services (such as sperm and embryo freezing and storage) provided, are explained further in this website.

We emphasize the mind-body connection and encourage healthy lifestyle changes to enhance success. We particularly encourage complementary measures such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, diet etc, which facilitate a healthy mind and body. We also acknowledge the high costs of infertility treatments, and as such offer our patients an affordable payment plan called the "Premier Plan".

We acknowledge the stress caused by infertility and believe that no one should have to wait for treatment. Once our patients have been seen and evaluated, there is no delay in starting any form of treatment.

We at the VFC will do everything we can to help our patients achieve a successful pregnancy.


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